Drs. Bob and Martha Bergen

Drs. Bob and Martha Bergen

Returning to the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College faculty as adjunct professors for the spring 2020 term are Drs. Bob and Martha Bergen. Now in their second year of retirement after completing 32 years as professors at Hannibal-LaGrange University in Hannibal, Missouri, the Bergens are starting their second semester of instruction here in Cochrane. They had previously taught here in the fall of 2016. … Continue reading Drs. Bob and Martha Bergen

Happy Retirement Dr. Morgan

Church Planting Professor Retires

By Alicia Hein Genuine. Fun. Caring. Faithful. All words that could be used to describe Dr. Dan and Melanie Morgan by the many who had the privilege of working and interacting with them in their ten years of ministry in Canada. Because of his extensive ministry experience and academic expertise, CSBS&C pursued Dr. Morgan to join the faculty as Professor of Church Planting and Missions. … Continue reading Church Planting Professor Retires

Sherri Watson

Sherri Watson Stepping Down After a Decade of Caring for CSBS&C Students

As the outgoing Student Services Director, Sherri Watson has been an important part of our campus for the last ten years. She has shaped the Student Services Department to what it is today, and the school community expressed tremendous gratitude for the time she has invested into the lives of both students and staff. While she and her husband Glenn (Professor of Preaching and Pastoral … Continue reading Sherri Watson Stepping Down After a Decade of Caring for CSBS&C Students

Longing for Home written by Dr. Susan Booth

Longing for Home

Longing for Home is a beautifully told story that answers the heartfelt yearning for home. Author Susan Booth, Professor of Evangelism and Missions at CSBS&C, conveys God’s invitation, extended to all, to make him one’s home and find the love, security, and purpose that he affords. Most of us have experienced “homesickness”—that deep longing to return to the place where we feel loved and secure, to … Continue reading Longing for Home