Awards Chapel 2018

CSBS&C Awards Chapel

After recognition of the Dean’s List, several awards were presented at the annual Awards Chapel on April 25, the aim of which is to recognize the dedicated work of several of our students. Awards include the Blackaby Spiritual Leadership Award, the Jesse Morales Evangelism Award, the Cunningham Christian Service Award, the LifeWay Pastoral Leadership Award, and the Zondervan Greek Award, among others.

At this concluding chapel of the semester, seminary president Dr. Rob Blackaby exhorted students to stay focused and to spend their time and energy on things of eternal value. In Crazy Love, Francis Chan warns: “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things that don’t matter.” Using as his text Proverbs 4:25–27, Dr. Blackaby reminded listeners to live their lives intentionally, not allowing themselves to be distracted by the ‘indirect way’; he urged students to maintain the simplicity of their walk with Christ, cultivating the habit to make immediate application of biblical teaching. In order for spiritual progress to occur, he stressed the importance of removing “anything that can become a moral hindrance or a dangerous obstacle in our life course.”

The Randall Harper Preaching Award is presented to the most outstanding preacher from among CSBS students in the current year. This year’s recipient, Russell Falk, had a similar message for the student body. After using a passage in Proverbs as his opening text, Russ told of a missionary in his church who returned to Canada to retire—“partly because he had had malaria one too many times in Africa and needed to come home for health reasons.” He and his wife befriended the extended Falk family. “At some point while serving in Africa he took up the art of wood carving in his spare time,” says Russ, “and now, back in Canada, he makes carvings for people.” The carving Russ received was of a rooster standing at a fork in the road. “I remember this old evangelist-missionary trying to communicate the importance of decision-making in life. Like that rooster we all face many forks in the road, and with each comes a decision as to which way we will turn. This carving was his way of reminding me to consider carefully when making decisions. I must choose to follow where God would have me go, and not simply follow the path that ‘looks right’—just as the Proverbs passage instructs.”

The Jesse Morales Evangelism Award, named after an inspiring alumnus whose life was dedicated to sharing the Gospel wherever he could, including his ‘office’ at Tim Hortons, this award is presented to a student who has a passion for reaching the lost which is evidenced in his or her life.

The Lifeway Pastoral Ministry Award is presented annually to a graduate level student who is chosen by the president and faculty. Provided by LifeWay Church Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention, the award goes to an outstanding graduating seminary student preparing for pastoral ministry.

As this year’s recipient of both above-mentioned evangelism and ministry awards, Pastor Trevor Scott describes himself as an evangelist ‘streetwalker’ who prayer walks in his Rocky Mountain House neighbourhood every Tuesday morning, praying for the town, for the shopkeepers, for revival, and for opportunities to talk about Jesus.

During his seminary studies he was astonished at how each course he took was relevant for his ministry at the time. The church planting class taught him that the heart of church planting is evangelism. The class on evangelism stirred the heart of this evangelist to action. Since then he has intentionally made friends among unbelieving families who invite him into their shops and homes to eat and fellowship and play cards.

One of Trevor’s favourite quotes is from Becoming a Contagious Christian by Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg: “God wants us to be contagious Christians … His agents who will catch His love and then urgently and infectiously offer it to all who are willing to consider it.”

The Blackaby Spiritual Leadership Award is presented to a student who best exemplifies spiritual leadership in their present ministry and conduct. James Cho is this year’s recipient.

The Delta Epsilon Chi Honor Society recipient is a graduating college student who exhibits Christian character, leadership ability, and has achieved a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.3. This year the honour goes to Andrew Davis.

The Mountainview Christian Fellowship Academic Merit Award goes to a Canadian citizen enrolled in a seminary program with the highest GPA in the fall term. Alicia Hein is this year’s recipient.

The Zondervan Greek Award, presented to the student with the most outstanding achievement in the first year of Greek studies, went to Jordan Bergen.

Dean’s List certificates are presented to full-time students who have a grade point average of at least 3.5 in the fall semester. The 2018 college recipients were Alexander Brown, Clifford Drakes, Alexis Elliot, Tammy Hambrook, and Miranda Ong. The seminary recipients were Jordan Bergen, Matthew Burks, James Cho, Russell Falk, Hanna Greenwood, Alicia Hein, Holly Isaac, Carson Maier, Andy Menjivar, Tamara Mitton, Christian Obando, and Beth Watkins.

Congratulations to those honoured this year!