Dr. Garry D. Owen M.D. Memorial Lectures

Academic Lectureship 2019! Impactful! Moving! Studying the ministry and writings of Jonathan Edwards, Dr. Gary Stratton transported us back to the revivals of the 18th century in the hope of lighting a fire in us today. The campus was abuzz from day one, as students and faculty alike eagerly prayed for God to move mightily. Here’s what our president and others had to say…

“This year’s lectureship with Dr. Stratton intensified the cry for renewal and revival that I believe God has been stirring on our campus throughout this school year. The movement of God that revived a nation in the 1700s began in Christian institutions – why should we not ask Him to do a similar work today?

For several weeks before the lectureship, I had felt God’s prompting to pray, specifically together with other students for our school and our nation. This lectureship confirmed that prompting in such a powerful way! I am excited to begin to gather with other students on a weekly basis, to pray that God might awaken our hearts first and then send us out in His power to do His work.”

Alicia Hein
Student Council President

“Working with Gary Stratton as he prepared his academic lectures afforded me a unique opportunity to sense what drives this man of God. I saw a man whose personal commitment to Christ was lived out with equal amounts of academic rigor and passionate pursuit to know and be possessed by the Holy Spirit – features which are resoundingly displayed in the life of Jonathan Edwards himself as he also preached these same pursuits from the pages of Scripture more than 250 years ago. What struck me about Stratton’s lectures is that this is not a balancing act between two interests. His hunger for God drives him to give his absolute best to both disciplines as independent passions, united and fueled by his desire to fully know Christ. Thank you, Dr. Stratton, for the clarity and urgency you brought to God’s word, and the call to mission that flows from it.”

Dr. Don McNaughton
Professor of Counselling, Director of Student Formation

“The lectureship with Dr. Stratton challenged us to pray for the Holy Spirit to accelerate His activity in our midst both in power and purity. This was not merely an academic consideration; it was a heart-cry for revival. Prayer was both a riveting subject matter of study, and the most compelling response from our community. We are anxious to see what God will do next as a concert of prayer is nurtured in the weeks to come.”

Dr. Rob Blackaby

With great appreciation to….
• Dr. Gary David Stratton for coming and speaking.
• Dr. Don McNaughton’s leadership in this event.
• And most of all to the sponsor of this annual lectureship, Mrs. Carol Owen Peters, in honor of her late husband Dr. Garry D. Owen, for blessing our students, staff and faculty, with high caliber speakers each January.