Longing for Home written by Dr. Susan Booth

Longing for Home

Longing for Home is a beautifully told story that answers the heartfelt yearning for home. Author Susan Booth, Professor of Evangelism and Missions at CSBS&C, conveys God’s invitation, extended to all, to make him one’s home and find the love, security, and purpose that he affords.

Most of us have experienced “homesickness”—that deep longing to return to the place where we feel loved and secure, to find a place where we truly belong. Intriguingly, the Bible asserts that God himself is our dwelling place. Astonishingly, it also declares that God desires to make his home in us—right now! Longing for Home invites you to trace this path that winds across the pages of the grand narrative of Scripture. Who knows, it may even lead you—home.

Longing for Home contains several unique features:

  • Engaging narratives that retell key biblical stories
  • Meditational readings for personal reflection
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Small-group discussion questions
  • A leader’s guide for twelve sessions

You may read Longing for Home on your own, or better yet, take a friend along for the journey. Who might want to join you?

  • Curious seekers who want to hear the compelling story of the Bible
  • New believers who want to grow in their understanding of God and his Word
  • Mature believers who want to experience God’s story in a fresh way
  • Small-groups, basically, anyone who longs for home!


“Susan Booth is an outstanding Bible teacher and an engaging storyteller with a delightful, sanctified imagination. She is also a reliable guide. God has used her to help many people find their way home. I am confident that if you will read this wonderful book with an open heart and mind, you will be amazed at where it takes you.” — Richard Blackaby, Author: Experiencing God, Spiritual Leadership, Living Out of the Overflow

“…a beautiful description of the story that makes home real—the story of the Bible. Longing for Home will take you on the greatest journey—one better than any movie script could offer—to show you why we long for home, and how to find it.” — Alvin L. Reid, Senior Professor of Evangelism/Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Longing for Home beautifully describes God’s answer to our spiritual homesickness—His presence with us. An imaginative book and incredible resource!” Kathy Howard, Author: Unshakeable Faith and 30 Days of Hope When Caring for Aging Parents

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Susan Maxwell Booth (PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) serves as the Professor of Evangelism and Missions at the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Susan and her husband Steve are under appointment with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. They ministered in Budapest, Hungary, for seven years before transferring to Canada in 2000. Susan is the author of The Tabernacling Presence of God.