The Baillie Family

Scott Baillie – Translating the Bible

It is a privilege to be able to share stories of how God is using students after they complete their studies at CSBS&C. Here’s a great story from Scott Baillie, who completed the Bachelor of Christian Ministry in 2015: 

My name is Scott Baillie, and God has called me and my wife Lynell, with our two sons Zayne (age 3) and Asher (10 months), to translate the Bible for those without God’s Word in their language. Lynell and I are united in our passion for this ministry, although our beginnings were quite different. I was raised in Red Deer, Alberta in a Christian home, but did not become a Christian until I was 22 years old. I had moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, to pursue a career. A co-worker shared the Gospel with me, and I gave my life to Christ. This co-worker then brought me to Faith Baptist Church, where Henry Blackaby had once pastored, and I was baptized in the Saskatchewan River that summer. 

Shortly after my conversion, God gave me a passion for others to know the transforming power of the Gospel. Others affirmed my desire for ministry and missions, so in 2012 I went to sub-Saharan Africa for four months with the International Mission Board. This was a time of growth and confirmation of a call to missions, but I became aware that I needed solid biblical training. I had heard of Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary from Faith Baptist Church’s connection with the school. After communicating with the school and hearing it recommended by my pastor, Steve Fish, I knew this was the school I wanted to go to. I arrived the following semester after returning from Africa, and completed my bachelor’s degree at CSBS&C. After this, I went on to complete an M.Div. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Dallas International University in Dallas, Texas. Both graduate degrees focused on Bible translation. To this day, however, the faculty at CSBS&C continues to impress me and impact my life, not only with the content they taught me but also with their character, devotion to the Lord, and care for their students. It is unlike anything I have seen in any educational institution I have attended. 

Lynell grew up in southern California, in a Christian home, and gave her life to Christ at the young age of four. Growing up in a mission-minded church, Lynell developed a love for the nations. This led her on several short-term mission trips to Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Uganda, as well as several within the US. She also led a mission trip to Canada, where we met when I was serving at a church plant and working toward my bachelor’s degree at CSBS&C. We knew that God had orchestrated this meeting and were married less than one year later!

Lynell and I already shared a passion for missions, but we were unsure, looking ahead, as to how we would be best used by God after I finished seminary. It was not until I began my studies in Greek and interacted with other students that I learned about the great need in the area of Bible translation. One professor encouraged us by telling us that “Many people are trying to translate the Word of God from an English or French Bible, because they do not know the original languages. Perhaps God would use you to help translate the Bible.” 

This sparked my excitement. How incredible it would be to translate the Word of God for a people group for the first time! During this time, Lynell and I both realized that neither of the ministries we loved would be possible without the Word of God in the language of the people. This realization, along with the skills I had gained in Greek and Hebrew, led us to pursue a ministry we had not previously considered as an option – Bible translation. We were shocked to discover how many people are still waiting for a Bible to be translated into their language. One-and-a-half billion people do not have a complete Bible, which is more than the population of Africa, and nearly one hundred and eighty million are waiting for a single word of Scripture. Through the work of Bible translation, the lost are saved, Christians are discipled, pastors are called and equipped, and churches are planted. The Word of God is the foundation for all the ministries of the church. 

God has called us to Papua New Guinea, an island country in Oceana, north of Australia. Papua New Guinea is home to nearly eight hundred and fifty living languages, with over three hundred language communities still waiting for a single word of Scripture and even more waiting for a complete Bible. We hope to arrive at the beginning of March if our fundraising goal can be met. We are so excited to play a part in preparing for the day when people from every tribe, tongue, nation, and language will stand before the throne worshipping our Lord!

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