Seminary Day Testimonials

Every March, students from CSBS&C are invited to participate in Seminary Day, an annual event where students are sent throughout the country to serve at one of our many Canadian National Baptist Convention churches. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways, such as leading worship, sharing their testimonies, or preaching a sermon. This year twenty students were sent out to represent CSBS&C.

“After speaking on the Beatitudes and God’s definition of a blessed life, I got to have a conversation with a gentleman nearing retirement who had only been saved two years. He shared his testimony with me, and confirmed the truth I had shared that the ‘good life’ outside of Christ really is empty. As someone who grew up knowing the truth of the Gospel, having that truth affirmed by another believer with a different perspective was really encouraging.”

Alicia Hein

“On Sunday morning, I woke up excited to preach. The worship time during the service was beautiful. The songs we sang put my spirit in just the right place where it needed to be prior to preaching. While I was sharing with the congregation about CSBS&C, I also mentioned the Latino church plant I’m involved with. It was at that moment that Pastor Clay had a Colombian gentleman named Cesar come up and pray for me in Spanish. It was such a blessing! After the service, we went for lunch to celebrate Kristen’s Toussaint’s birthday. Kristen is a church staff member and a CSBS alumna. It was great getting to know her and hearing about her wonderful experience with the staff and faculty from our Seminary. I was also able to talk some more with Cesar and got to know him better.

On Sunday evening, prior to preaching I was wrestling a little with the passage I was going to preach on. Part of me felt like I should have chosen a different passage. I felt like it would not be very impactful. However, I knew that the Spirit had led me when I chose the text and I had to be faithful to that. After I finished preaching, Pastor Clay got up and shared how I was the third guest preacher to preach on the same theme of serving. The other two speakers were from Oklahoma and Winnipeg respectively. Pastor Clay reminded the congregation that God is clearly speaking this message to them. I felt so overwhelmed with emotion to know that God had used me to speak to this local church. God is great.

I can confidently say that my Seminary Day experience will be unforgettable. I was so blessed by making new friends, ministering to the needy, and being a participant of God’s will. God is great and he alone is worthy of all honour and glory.”

Christian Obando

“I had the privilege of going to Calgary Chinese Baptist Church and serving with their worship team. Despite some crazy weather that weekend, Sunday went well. I had to skip driving out to practice with the team on the Friday because of all of the snow, but we gelled well on Sunday morning. God kept everybody safe. I loved seeing how the worship set came together, with the response song fitting really well with Pastor Evan’s sermon. We also participated in communion together, and it was really impactful to have communion with a group of believers I had never met before. We may have grown up in very different places before, but we were united as brothers and sisters in Christ. I enjoyed meeting those who participated in their English speaking congregation and loved how I could hear them all singing their praises to God without shame. It was like having a choir with me!

I was challenged to think about how we can make sure our worship reflects the multitude of believers who will be gathered together in fellowship when all things are made new. How do we as Westerners, particularly if we are Caucasian, listen to the heart and perspective of our brothers and sisters from different cultural and racial backgrounds? What do they bring to the table to correct our perspective? How do we step into being the people of God who are truly fellowshipping and loving each other well? After all, they will know that we are Jesus’ disciples by our love for one another. Another challenging thought, which I think is pertinent to all of us believers is this: How do we live in such a way that we are not crawling off of the altar when we offer our lives as a living sacrifice?”

Holly Isaac