Sherri Watson

Sherri Watson Stepping Down After a Decade of Caring for CSBS&C Students

As the outgoing Student Services Director, Sherri Watson has been an important part of our campus for the last ten years. She has shaped the Student Services Department to what it is today, and the school community expressed tremendous gratitude for the time she has invested into the lives of both students and staff. While she and her husband Glenn (Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Care) remain part of the CSBS&C community, Sherri senses that God has another assignment for her on the horizon.

Dr. Rob Blackaby, president of our seminary and college, described Sherri’s influence over the last ten years: “Sherri Watson stands out for her excellence and focus on building a strong and vibrant student community in our school. Since she stepped into the role of Student Services Director a decade ago, she has expanded the scope and impact of the Student Services Department. It is hard to imagine a student who has studied at our school who has not benefitted greatly from Sherri’s investment in them. Her compassion, tenderness, and nurturing disposition are distinguishing marks of her leadership style. As she transitions to a new ministry assignment in our learning community, we thank God for her godly influence among us, and for the excellence with which she has led her department.”

Sherri’s loving and tender spirit has always been evident, and she has touched many of our students’ lives over the years. Among many other roles, Sherri has been a mentor, a Freedom Session sponsor, a shoulder to cry on when the ladies around campus needed someone to turn to, and a vibrant student council liaison. Dr. Steve Parsons noted that “her care for students really sets her apart – what they need and how they hurt. That kind of compassion really made her good at what she was doing for the last ten years.”

She was also described by students and staff as spunky, smiley, joyful, funny, godly, wise, and a mom to everyone. Her good friend Sue Smith commented, “Sherri is a passionate and compassionate woman who invests her life in me and many other women. The thing that I appreciate most about Sherri is her determination to make sure that women walk with God, protect their relationships, care for their kids, and honour Jesus. And she is determined to help each of us accomplish that in our lives.”

As part of their ongoing appointment with the International Mission Board, Sherri and Glenn will be on stateside assignment for the rest of 2019, and will return in January to continue their vital work here at CSBS&C, though Sherri will be looking to serve in new ways.
Mary Parra, who served alongside Sherri this year, has accepted a newly-created position moving forward as Student Life Director. An introduction to Mary will appear in a future edition of E-news.

Thank you, Sherri, for how you have invested in our school and in the lives of our students!