The Faith-Filled Writing Ministry of CSBS&C Alum Lynn Dove

“I knew as a Christian, we are called to pick up our cross, in our own way, and follow Jesus. Days later . . . I was facing my own journey road.”

Lynn Dove’s experience of the Christian “journey road” is one that few others have travelled in quite the same way, yet she continues to walk more convinced than ever of the faithfulness of God along the way. She has been given an extraordinary platform to share stories of hope, laughter, and Gospel truth, refined by her own experiences of darkness and fear. Through it all, she maintains that “my walk with the Father is always a great adventure!” 

Lynn grew up in Calgary and holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary and a Master of Religious Education from Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. She was not raised in a Christian home, but came to Christ as a young adult when her Christian boyfriend informed her that he could not marry a non-believer. She describes her decision for Christ as one of the “scariest moments” of her life, knowing that she needed Jesus but also recognizing that there was nothing she could do to earn the love He offered. She could only let go and trust. She married her boyfriend, Charles, and they began their journey together, not realizing just how much that need for trust in the midst of fear would continue to define her life. 

In 2001, Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer, and faced a stretch of road that taught her that even incredibly painful experiences are gifts of God to draw us close to Him and to other believers. Through prayer, chemotherapy, and surgery she beat the cancer, and began to notice around her the “God-size doors of opportunities I had never thought to open before.” She enrolled in the Master of Religious Education program at CSBS, graduating in 2007. She describes seminary as both a wonderful and a humbling experience, as she suddenly came face to face with how much about the Bible she still did not know. Relationships with faculty, staff, and students from CSBS were among the greatest treasures of that time, as she drank in courses in New Testament, Old Testament, and theology as well as Christian education. All of these gifts and experiences would culminate in a writing ministry that God would expand beyond her wildest dreams. In 2009 she published Shoot the Wounded, a young adult fiction novel dealing with relevant themes that are often neglected from a Christian perspective. Its sequels, Heal the Wounded and Love the Wounded, followed in 2010 and 2012. Her blog currently has over 14 million views, and she has short stories published in eight books of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She has also received numerous Christian writing awards. In 2019 she wrote “The Passion through John’s Eyes,” a short story which leads readers to imagine the final hours of Jesus’ life through the eyes of one of His closest friends. 

Within days of completing “The Passion,” however, Lynn was diagnosed with cancer a second time. This is the point in her “journey road” of following Jesus that she likens to what she had just described in the life of the apostle John. John followed Jesus down the path of suffering, all the way to the cross. The rest of God’s children are likewise called to trust that God is working even in their suffering. By the next year, Lynn was able to look back on her journey with the confidence and assurance that God had carried her that far, and that he would continue “to be faithful and trustworthy every step of the way.” This year, she and Charles celebrate 30 years of membership at Bow Valley Baptist Church, and they continue to be amazed at the faithfulness of God.

Lynn’s writing ministry continues to encourage thousands of readers and can be accessed at “The Passion through John’s Eyes” was recently published in the Canadian anthology Easter Stories and More, broadening her impact even further. She recognizes that it is only the hand of God that has kept and sustained her thus far, and she looks forward with anticipation to how He will continue to use her in the future. “I would like to expectantly wait for God to open some doors for me that I’ve never considered walking through before. I know that being fully healed and recovering will require some heart changes in me too. . . . If God calls me to it, why not?”